• The First Load of Lumber

    The First Load of Lumber

    Water based Pigment on Silk
  • Blue Bird Series - Motherhood

    Blue Bird Series - Motherhood

    water-based pigment on watercolor paper
  • Winter


    Water based pigment on Xuan paper
  • Dawn 2018

    Dawn 2018

    18 x 18 inches – Water based Pigment on Silk






Yidan Guo’s artwork has been recognized as among the best of that produced by the rising generation of Chinese artists.

In Yidan’s art, her goal is not only to suggest the identification of her subject, but also to share the deep emotions that she has found in herself and in her subject. Yidan’s painting conveys the deep and subtle feelings in mankind. The delicate emotions she feels from here subject results in the techniques and quality in her work. 

Yidan’ work represents a powerful combination of the ancient Asian art spirits and the contemporary art spirits, builds connections between the East and the West, the mankind souls and the universe.




Yidan Guo – A Music Dream

Water based pigment on watercolor paper